The Art of Car Detailing Made Easy with PureWax Exterior Intermediate Kit

Does your car deserve more than just a quick wash?  Do you dream of achieving a showroom shine, but professional detailing seems intimidating? Here at PureWax, we believe anyone can master the art of car detailing.  That's why we created the PureWax Exterior Intermediate Kit – your perfect companion for taking your car care routine to the next level.

Beyond the Basics: A Bridge Between Wash and Wow

The PureWax Exterior Intermediate Kit is the ideal stepping stone for car care enthusiasts who want to achieve more than just a basic wash and wax. Here's why it's perfect for you:

  • Effective Cleaning Power: Go beyond a simple wash with products specifically designed to remove stubborn dirt, grime, and road film.
  • Scratch Removal Magic: Tackle minor scratches and swirls that dull your car's paintwork, restoring its original shine.
  • Professional-Grade Finish: Achieve a deep, glossy finish that rivals professional details, all from the comfort of your garage.
  • User-Friendly Approach: The kit includes clear instructions and high-quality products that are easy to use, even for detailing beginners.

What's Included in the PureWax Exterior Intermediate Kit?

This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to transform your car's exterior:

  • 1 x PureWax Waterless Car Wash / Detailing 750ml Limited Edition (FREE UPGRADE. Previous size was 474ml. Now get 50% more product for FREE! Offer valid while stocks last)
  • 1 x PureWax Final Touch 474ml - Instant Deep Gloss for that final Showroom Shine
  • 1 x PureWax Glass Cleaner 474ml - Professional Grade, Anti-fogging formula
  • 1 x PureWax Nanotech Wax / Sealant 474ml - The Ultimate Hybrid Paint Sealant / Wax
  • 1 x Tyre Shine and Conditioner 474ml - Ultra conditioning / Controlled shine formula
  • 2 x PureWax Microfibre Cloths 3 Pack - Professional grade 400mm x 400mm edgeless
  • 2 x PureWax Foam Applicator Pads (Black & Red)


PureWax: Formulated for Australian Conditions

At PureWax, we develop car care products specifically for the harsh Australian climate.  The Exterior Intermediate Kit's formulas are designed to withstand the sun, dust, and rain, ensuring your car's shine lasts longer.

Unleash Your Inner Detailer: A Rewarding Journey

The PureWax Exterior Intermediate Kit allows you to experience the satisfaction of transforming your car's appearance with your own two hands. It's a rewarding journey that will leave you with a gleaming car and a newfound appreciation for car care.

Visit PureWax Today and Elevate Your Car Care Game!

Investing in the PureWax Exterior Intermediate Kit is an investment in the beauty and longevity of your car.  Order yours today and unlock the secrets to achieving a professional-looking detail at home!