PureWax Madness Kit: A Complete Set for Ultimate Car Detailing Enthusiasts

For the car care enthusiast who craves the ultimate detailing experience, look no further than the PureWax Madness Kit. This isn't just a collection of products; it's a treasure trove for transforming your car from everyday driver to showroom showstopper.

Beyond the Basics: A Deep Dive into Car Detailing

The PureWax Madness Kit goes far beyond a simple wash and wax.  It's designed for detailers who demand a flawless finish and the satisfaction of achieving it themselves. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Professional-Grade Products: We've included high-performance car care formulas used by professional detailers, ensuring maximum results.
  • Multi-Stage Detailing Process: The kit provides everything you need for a comprehensive detail, from deep cleaning and paint correction to polishing, protection, and interior rejuvenation.
  • Detailed Instructions and Support: Clear instructions guide you through each step, and our online resources offer additional tips and support to help you master the art of car detailing.

What's Included in the PureWax Madness Kit?

This comprehensive kit equips you for a detailing odyssey:

  • 3 x PureWax Waterless Car Wash / Detailing 750ml Limited Edition (FREE UPGRADE. Previous size was 474ml. Now get 50% more product for FREE! Offer valid while stocks last)
  • 1 x PureWax Microfibre Cloth 3 Pack Professional Grade 
  • 1 x PureWax Tar and Bug Remover (236ml)


PureWax: Engineered for Australian Conditions

At PureWax, we understand the unique challenges of car care Down Under.  The Madness Kit's formulas are designed to withstand the harsh Australian sun, dust, and occasional rain showers, ensuring your car's beauty is protected year-round.

More Than Just a Kit: A Gateway to a Detailing Obsession

The PureWax Madness Kit is an investment in your passion for car care.  It allows you to achieve professional-looking results at home and experience the satisfaction of transforming your car's appearance.

Unleash the Detailer Within: Visit PureWax Today!

The PureWax Madness Kit is the ultimate indulgence for car care enthusiasts.  If you're ready to take your detailing obsession to the next level, order your kit today and embark on a journey of car care nirvana!