Wash & Wax 16 Oz (474ml)


Premium Liquid Wash & Wax in one application.


Wash & Wax is a rich, highly concentrated, thick car wash shampoo fortified with gloss enhancing polymers to give your car a beautiful looking shine. This pH-neutral formula is excellent for maintaining the protection on your freshly waxed or sealed vehicle. Special polymer surfactants greatly reduce surface tension with a hydrophilic effect to safely encapsulate and flush away dirt and grime. Produces dense great smelling foam that cleans and conditions the surface while leaving a smooth brilliant looking finish.


Apply 1oz (30ml) of Wash N Wax to 1 gallon (approx. 4 litres) of water. Carefully wash vehicle from top to bottom constantly applying fresh suds to each panel and flushing your mitt/sponge of trapped dirt particles. Avoid allowing shampoo to dry on vehicle. Rinse frequently. Gently dry the vehicle with soft microfiber towels immediately after final rinse to prevent water spots. Avoid washing in direct sunlight or when your vehicle surface is hot.


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