Tyre Shine / Conditioner 16 Oz (474ml)



  • GIVE YOUR TIRES A MATT/SLICK FINISH – Purewax Tyre Shine Spray is the easiest way to give your tires the matt or dark and shiny look you want. Say goodbye to those faded and dusty tires
  • ADVANCED COATING & PROTECTION – Not only will this spray give your tires the shine you’re looking for, but it’ll also protect them from other deteriorating signs of ageing. With just a single coating of this Tire Shine, your rubber tires will be guarded against fading, cracking, yellowing and more to ensure they look their best at all times.
  • REPELS DIRT & SAND – Purewax Tyre Shine Spray also offers additional protection against outside elements that can ruin your car’s appearance and also damage your tires along the way. With this spray, you won’t have to worry about sand and dust
  • GET THE SHINE YOU WANT – High shine, medium shine or low shine, with this spray you can achieve whichever level of shine you want. Doing so is easy: the longer you leave the spray on your tires, the more shine you’ll see when you wipe it off.


    1. Shake well and carefully spray product directly on surface to be treated, using an applicator/cloth, move product across surface to create an even coat (alternatively spray directly onto a cloth/applicator and apply).
    2. Depending on the level of shine required, allow the product to cure and remove excess with microfibre cloth (quick removal offers matte finish, longer curing offers higher gloss)
    3. If you want a high shine simply allow curing for a few extra minutes
    4. If you want a low shine wipe off excess immediately after application.

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