Tar and Bug Remover 8 Oz (236ml)

  • PEOPLE SAY: “IT WORKS!” - Expect good things from this multipurpose cleaner that performs beyond expectations. That’s what you’ll experience here! We made our multi-surface cleaner to perform safely and effectively on all surfaces. It’s our newest smart technology that first neutralizes acids. Softens as it penetrates. Finally carries away grease, dried bug splatter and grime while leaving the important things behind. Like wax, clear coat, paint, polish, conditioned leather and so on.
  • MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER - Cleaning the interior and exterior spaces will excite you. Bug guts turned to mush in about 60 seconds! You’ll see that happen! Clean leather, vinyl, carpet, rugs, cloth seats, fabric, wood trim, plastic, rubber, upholstery, metal, painted and polish surfaces and more. It removes bug guts, dirt, grime, grease, tree sap, bird poop, odours, food stains, rust stains, brake dust, mildew, black streaks, oxidation and so much more.
  • SIMPLY CLEAN, NO GLOSS - Inferior products make you do all the work. They tend to leave a cloudy, tacky or greasy film. Our product reduces effort while leaving your vehicle looking great. No added polish or waxes that degrade the quality. Just clean! Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, NO Petroleum Distillates, Non-Flammable, No Harsh Chemicals, No Strong Odours, Non-Abrasive and Non-Corrosive. Helping to bring back that new car look
  • MADE IN USA - No harmful chemicals, Biodegradable, We tell customers that for best results, park the vehicle in a shady area, spray a liberal amount on the vehicle. While keeping the vehicle wet with product, wait about 30 seconds, then with a finger or towel, test the releasing process by gently rubbing on a bug splat area. If it comes off like mush, then wash the whole area and you are done. If it took a little effort then wait 20 more seconds or so. The key is to "Work Smarter, Not Harder"

    1. Spray directly on surface.
    2. Wipe bugs away using a premium microfiber towel.
    3. Rinse using clean water.
    4. Avoid using the product or leaving the active product on the vehicle in direct sunlight.

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