PureWax Waterless Wash 4 Pack | Saver Combo

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Have you already got our microfiber cloths? Then save more than $20 on this simple 4 pack combo. Get 4 (four) x 474ml Bottles of our famous PureWax Waterless Wash Detailer delivered to your door.


Our Signature Product. New Improved Formula! PureWax Waterless Wash / Detailer will keep your ride looking clean and classy mile after mile. This eco-responsible, one-step solution eliminates dust, dirt, insects, tar and road grime. Advanced polymers encapsulate and lift debris without scratching paint or chrome. Pro-style detailing is made easy with just a spray and a wipe. Use on all finishes, chrome, glass, plastic, and rubber.


Shake well and spray directly on surface to be washed. Immediately dry and polish to a high luster with a clean, soft cloth (for best results use a PureWax Microfibre Cloth). Cleans and protects all surfaces. Use monthly to maintain a beautiful showroom finish. Avoid use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.