PureWax Trim Care 474ml

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Restore and protect bumpers, trim and rubber moulding


PureWax Trim Care is a thick polymer fortified gel designed to restore and protect the original look to bumpers, trim, and rubber mouldings for up to 3 months. Our formula has built-in UV blockers that will protect your trim from further deterioration. PureWax Trim Care has a viscous gel consistency that makes for easy application.


Make sure trim is dry before applying gel to surface (for optimal bonding of protectant, thoroughly clean the surface with PureWax Orange Citrus Degreaser or an all-purpose cleaner). Generously coat desired trim and allow product to penetrate into trim with adequate dwell time. Wipe in residue with clean dry microfiber towel removing excess. For extremely faded trim a 2nd application will amplify your original results. Repeat as necessary.