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PureWax Interior Sanitiser Kit

$74.95 $94.95

Get your vehicle’s interior not only cleaned & sanitised with this kit but also smelling and looking fresh.

Sanitiser contains 70% alcohol to ensure all surfaces are clean & free from most germs and bacteria.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO TASMANIA. Due to the nature of this product (Dangerous Good / Flammable Liquid) this item can only be transported by road. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

This pack Includes

Includes all interior essentials:

1 x NEW! PureWax Anti-Bacterial Spray Sanitiser 474ml (Step 1)

1 x PureWax Waterless Wash / Detailer 474ml (Step 2)

1 x PureWax Interior Dressing / Conditioner 474ml (Step 3)

1 x PureWax Microfibre Cloth 3 Pack (Use it to apply the products above)


STEP 1: Apply PureWax Anti-Bacterial Spray Sanitiser to all interior surfaces.

STEP 2: After sanitising all surfaces, apply PureWax Waterless Wash / Detailer with a microfibre cloth to add a layer of protection to your vehicle's interior. 

STEP 3: Finally, after cleaned & protected, use a microfibre cloth to apply PureWax Interior Dressing / Conditioner on all interior surfaces. This final step will conditioner, bring shine and add UV protection to all surfaces.

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