PureWax Interior Dressing / Conditioner 16oz (474ml)

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Clean, Preserve and UV Protect your Interior Surfaces.


Simply the finest water-based surface cleaner / UV protectant we have ever made. Instantly transform the appearance of your interior surfaces; including plastic, vinyl and rubber. PureWax Interior Dressing / Conditioner adds a durable NANO polymer barrier to your interior that will offer UV Protection and protect surfaces from friction and degradation. Vinyl will feel softer without feeling slippery or greasy. Plastics and other trim pieces take on more color and richness without attracting dust or dirt.


Wipe down surface area with a slightly damp microfibre cloth to remove surface dust. Apply product to a clean cloth or ideally a PureWax Black or Red foam applicator. Using a circular motion, massage the product into the surface until fully covered. Buff off excess with a clean dry microfibre towel. To increase the level of shine, repeat as necessary.