3D Eraser Waterspot Remover Gel

3D Eraser Waterspot Remover Gel

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Gets rid of hard water spots fast.
Restores clear windows and clear paint
Eliminates Calcium Deposits and minerals

One of the most annoying things that you may find in your car is the presence of water spots. These are faded white chalky marks across the exterior of your vehicle that can make it look horrible and also eat through the paint job. These are calcium deposits and harsh minerals from hard water conditions. The most annoying part could be the windows of your automobile. Especially when the windshield has water spots it is very bad for the visibility. The Gel like consistency prevents the solution from running down your car surface.

For years, 3D Eraser has been a well-known hard water spot remover among car owners and detailers. This car water spot remover has a strong acidic mixture that softens the hard minerals that have been left off by the water. 

The problem with the application of regular soap and water onto the spots is that it tends to be too weak to scrape off the calcium deposits immediately and sometimes, instead of removing these tough water spots through prolonged washing your car's paint job gets damaged. With Eraser, that won't be the case. Many have tried and many will testify that this water spot remover really does work. It's not just the effectiveness that sets it apart. This water spot remover is also quite easy to use. All you have to do is dab a little on to an applicator then to the affected area, almost like applying wax back and forth but not in circular motions and rinse it! For proper application please read the instructions before using this product. Super fine steel wool works best with this water spot remover for removing water spots from car windows. Do not leave on for long and apply in shade.



Spread a small amount on cool glass or paint of the car. Rub in with a towel and rinse off. For extreme conditions repeat process using a Scrub Sponge. Although €œ3D Eraser Gel is a mild based acidic product, do not leave it on any surface for more than 1 MINUTE. Longer periods might etch glass. To neutralize, use 3D pink car soap