Headlight Restoration Kit


Restore Headlight To A Like-New Appearance and Removes Haze: Headlight lenses on your vehicle can become yellow, dull, and hazy from the sun. 

Designed to quickly and safely restore, maintain and protect all types of smooth, shiny plastic and acrylic headlights to crystal clarity 

It easily cleans away yellowing and stains, and even buffs out unsightly hairline scratches, smudges, and flaws in a single step

This kit includes
The kit includes everything needed to restore the cloudiest lenses.
  • 1 x Headlight restoration cutting compound (8 oz)
  • 1 x Drill attachment
  • 3 x 1000 Grit Sandpaper
  • 3 x 3000 Grit Sandpaper
  • 1 x Wool pad
  • 1 x Foam pad
How to Use
  • STEP 1- Mask off the areas surrounding each headlight to be treated.
  • STEP 2- Using the included drill attachment and the course 1000 grit sandpaper; sand the headlight until the area is dull and any discolouration is removed.
  • STEP 3- Repeat step 2 with the fine 3000 grit sandpaper.
  • STEP 4- Replace the Sandpaper with the wool pad. Apply 3 x pea sized drops of the PureWax Headlight Restoration Cutting Compound onto the wool cutting pad. With the drill on a high speed setting, buff headlight section until sanding marks are removed. Add more Product to pad if required.
  • STEP 5- Replace the wool pad with the black foam pad and add 3 more pea size drops of cutting compound. With drill on high speed setting, buff the headlight until you achieve a clear / smooth finish (add more product if required). 
  • STEP 6- Wipe down headlight with a soft cloth and remove masking tape.

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