PureWax Tyre Shine / Conditioner 16Oz (474ml)

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Our special proprietary non-surfactant formulation offers the longest lasting dressing we have ever offered. This non-greasy composition eliminates sling and sticky residue. Thick polymerized glossing agents allow you to control the desired level of shine; if you want a high shine simply allow curing for a few extra minutes.  If you want a low shine wipe off excess immediately after application.

Water-based and solvent free, the natural oils and polymers offer great UV protection whilst penetrating and conditioning the rubber.


Shake well and carefully spray product directly on surface to be treated, using an applicator/cloth, move product across surface to create an even coat (alternatively spray directly onto a cloth/applicator and apply). Depending on the level of shine required, allow the product to cure and remove excess with microfibre cloth (quick removal offers matte finish, longer curing offers higher gloss)