PureWax Waterless Wash / Detailer & Final Touch Combo

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1 x PureWax Waterless Wash / Detailer 16 Oz


Our Signature Product. New Improved Formula! PureWax Waterless Wash / Detailer will keep your ride looking clean and classy mile after mile. This eco-responsible, one-step solution eliminates dust, dirt, insects, tar and road grime. Advanced polymers encapsulate and lift debris without scratching paint or chrome. Pro-style detailing is made easy with just a spray and a wipe. Use on all finishes, chrome, glass, plastic, and rubber.


Shake well and spray directly on surface to be washed. Immediately dry and polish to a high luster with a clean, soft cloth (for best results use a PureWax Microfibre Cloth). Cleans and protects all surfaces. Use monthly to maintain a beautiful showroom finish. Avoid use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.


1 x PureWax Final Touch 16 Oz


Instant Deep Gloss for that final Showroom Shine.


Quickly and easily remove fingerprints and buffer smears whist maintaining and protecting previous applications of sealants and waxes. Professional results on paint, glass and chrome surfaces. An excellent lubricant for clay bars/pads.


Spray directly onto cool panels that have only light dust or fingerprint / smear contamination. Using a good quality microfiber towel, work the product over the surface to be finished and buff to an incredible shine.