Would you go Hybrid??

With even Formula 1 Cars utilising Hybrid technology, it won't be long before it is considered 'cool' to make the Hybrid move. PureWax focuses on all things 'Green' ( the concept of a waterless wash is just a start), we checked out some options in Australia for those wanting to do some research first.


Choice Reviews test-drove some of the currently available models in Australia and found there's a lot to like and very little not to like about these high-tech cars.

  • The fuel-efficient petrol, hybrid and electric cars available in Australia are easy to drive and use less fuel than comparable conventional models.
  • They’re all more expensive than their equivalent petrol-only non-efficient variants, so you’ll have to drive them for many years before you recover the difference.
  • They conserve oil resources and emit less air pollution and greenhouse gases.

Read more: http://www.choice.com.au/reviews-and-tests/transport/cars/green-car/hybrid-cars.aspx#ixzz35ncknRdU